The core values of the Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency are:

• Professionalism: We shall be independent, impartial and ethical in the execution of our duties, according to the prescribed standards of the Agency.

• Integrity:We shall uphold morality and put our obligations to the nation above our personal interests in the execution of our duties.

• Team work: We shall collaborate to achieve a common goal in the most efficient and effective manner.

• Hard work:We shall endeavour to ensure full accomplishment of our mandate to the satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders.

• Innovation:In the execution of our duties, we shall apply new ideas and methods for better solutions.

• Confidentiality:We shall be trustworthy by not revealing privileged information to unauthorised persons.

• Accountability:We shall be answerable and responsible for our actions, omissions and decisions in a transparent manner.

Core Values

Professionalism , Integrity , Team work

Hard work,  Innovation, Confidentiality



Strategic Plan

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) Established by an act of parliament, the Compulsory Standards Act number 3 of 2017 to administer, maintain and ensure compliance with compulsory standards for the purpose of public safety and health, consumer protection and environmental protection.